About Us

Hey there, I’m Paolo, a former police officer turned e-commerce entrepreneur. My journey has been a thrilling evolution from the streets to the digital realm. The catalyst for my e-commerce venture was the discovery of finger tape's power during firearms training. It not only shielded my fingers but also enhanced my grip and precision, revolutionizing my approach to training.




In retirement, I channeled my passion for finger tape into a business, offering a wide range of athletic tape solutions for golf, tennis, basketball, pickleball, firearms training, weightlifting, jiu-jitsu, and more.


Our motto:

Make Your Grip Bite!™

It reflects our commitment to providing top-quality products that enhance your performance in sports. Whether you're a sharpshooter, a fitness enthusiast, or a martial artist, we’ve got you covered.


My journey from a police officer to an e-commerce entrepreneur has been extraordinary. It is a story of passion, discipline, and relentless dedication to helping you achieve your best performance. Explore our athletic tape solutions, and let us join you in your pursuit of a gripping success story!


- Paolo De Leon

   Founder and CEO