Athletic Finger Tape

female playing pickleball using grip mamba tape

Feel The Difference

GRIP MAMBA is your next generation athletic tape. It is uniquely flexible and its adhesive exceptionally sticks to your skin.


The tape molds to the shape of your fingers like a second layer of skin while protecting them from injuries when gripping sports equipment.

Improve Your Grip, Improve Your Game!

Don't let your best game slip away, GRIP MAMBA's textured surface remarkably grabs onto gear like a golf club, tennis racket, baseball glove, or a basketball.

tennis player using grip mamba tape
golfer with grip mamba tape on fingers

Make Your Grip Bite™

Hard games need even stronger tape. Don’t hesitate with your
grip. Tape up with GRIP MAMBA and do what you do best – DOMINATE!

female tennis player in blue tape

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