why tape your fingers when golfing

Why Tape Your Fingers When Golfing?

Have you ever considered taping up your fingers while playing golf?

Perhaps you have noticed other players taping up before a round, and you are trying to work out what the benefits might be.

Or maybe you are currently struggling with hand pain or grip issues, and you are looking for a solution.

Whatever the case, taping your fingers when golfing has many benefits that can help you improve your game.

The Benefits of Using Finger Tape in Golf

Improve Your Grip

Firstly, taping your fingers can drastically improve your grip. Rather than worrying about the club slipping through your fingers when the weather turns cold or wet, you can rely on high-quality finger tape to ensure your grip does not drop.

More Control

Using finger tape also ensures that you have more control over your golf club. When you are confident that your club is not going to slip when you enter the backswing, you will have more control over where the ball goes, giving you a much better chance of getting up and down under par.

Protects Your Fingers

Alongside offering you more control, grip tape also protects your fingers. If you ever notice the club rubbing on your hands due to your technique or the sheer volume of play, it can be incredibly painful. 

In some instances, it can even force you to stop playing for a while. Bandaids and other plasters will quickly rub and move, but Grip Mamba tape will stay in place throughout your round, keeping your fingers protected.

Faster Club Swing

Utilizing grip tape will also allow you to get a faster swing through with your clubs, which could result in you hitting the ball further than ever.

By having a better grip on the club, you can give it your absolute all each time you swing.

More Consistency

Finally, knowing that the club will never change shape in your hands due to the additional grip from your tape, you will find your swing becomes a lot more consistent and reliable, and you spend less time fishing the ball out of bunkers or hacking away at the rough.

Now you can see just why so many golf players are starting to use tape while playing.

To ensure you don’t miss out and your competition doesn’t gain a competitive advantage, grab a pack of GRIP MAMBA Elastic Athletic Finger Tape today, and take your game to the next level!