It's time! Read the Grip Mamba story

It's time! Read the Grip Mamba story

Hey there, I'm Paolo, and my life's a thrilling ride filled with unexpected twists and turns that have forged me into the person I am today. I went from patrolling the streets as an unwavering police officer to steering a thriving e-commerce business that specializes in athletic tapes. My journey? Absolutely remarkable.


With over a decade dedicated to law enforcement, I've learned crucial lessons in discipline, teamwork, and the sheer importance of preparation. But it was in the realm of firearms training that I had a profound revelation. Firearms training, as you can imagine, demands razor-sharp focus and precision. And you know what made all the difference? Finger tape.


Gripping and maneuvering firearms can wreak havoc on your fingers—painful blisters, relentless discomfort. That's where finger tape came to my rescue, and the game was forever changed. It didn't just shield my fingers; it elevated my grip and accuracy to unprecedented levels. I knew I had a game-changer in my hands. 


Fast forward to retirement, and I decided to leverage my firearms expertise and finger tape obsession into a business. And just like that, my e-commerce venture was born. Armed with insider knowledge and experience, I embarked on a mission to craft a product that met the uncompromising standards of law enforcement pros and firearm aficionados. 


Today, GRIP MAMBA boasts an extensive array of finger tape solutions. They're not just for firearms training; they're engineered for any endeavor that demands a rock-solid grip. Whether you're an avid golfer, a sharpshooting enthusiast, a weightlifter powerhouse, or a grappling aficionado, my website has got your fingers covered.


But my journey doesn't end at the business front. Oh no, I'm equally fervent about physical fitness and martial arts!


CrossFit isn't just a workout; it's a lifestyle that mirrors the unwavering discipline and hard work I honed as a police officer. Each grueling session isn't just about moving weights; it's about pushing your limits and achieving unparalleled personal growth. It's where I thrive. 


Then there's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where I've discovered the power of patience, strategy, and adaptability. On the mats, I've uncovered a community of kindred spirits who share my fervor for self-improvement and the relentless pursuit of excellence. 


My journey from a one-time police officer to an e-commerce businessman with an unquenchable passion for CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is nothing short of extraordinary. These experiences have molded my values, solidified my work ethic, and fueled my unwavering commitment to deliver top-notch products to individuals who mirror my dedication.


If you're on the hunt for finger tape that can stand up to the most demanding challenges, dive into my realm and join me on this electrifying journey of personal growth and self-discovery!


- Paolo De Leon

  Founder and CEO